Employee experience what it is, examples and importance

New models of work

With the need to restructure a new work model, several enterprises promote innovations to remain in the competitive market. For this, they seek to expand their possibilities to do business, through more assertive strategies and that understand the segment that serves under a broader perspective.

Follow our article and understand how People Experience works and how high performance companies are positioning themselves in the globalized market.

Getting to know the Employee Experience

With the proposal of innovation within the business sectors, a new concept is used, ensuring greater autonomy to the HR sectors: the Employee Experience is integrated as a strategy in the People Management process, that has the ability to promote greater involvement among the company’s employees.

The strategy aligns company values with the need for a transparent dialogue between its employees and managers, taking into account work automation implementations. Thus, it aims to promote improvements in internal procedures and increase productivity in the work period, generating a better experience in the execution of activities and among its employees.

Through these actions, the employee understands its importance within the company and starts to perform his activity with greater satisfaction, being sure that he will be recognized for his efforts.

These actions make the company stand out in the competitive market, through its differentials, both for a humanized perspective, and an innovative vision.

Thus, an Employee Experience aims to:

- promote appropriate strategies and action plans for the necessary improvements in the routine of its employees;

- encourage greater involvement between employees through a humanized and cooperative policy;

- acting from a communicative and motivating leadership;

- establish improvements in the working environment, making the space safe and pleasant for the execution of activities;

- provide adequate conditions for its professionals to envision a career plan;

- Provide benefits, among other plans for their professional achievement.

In addition, it aims to improve management processes, understanding their collaboration as essential parts of the company. With this, it promotes a transformation and visibility of the business, generating greater reference and authority in its segment, considering its professionals as indispensable resources for a good performance in business.

Employee experience: a necessary concern

Behind a successful company there are all its employees, who are the indispensable resources for the good performance of the business. And this success is only achieved when there is productivity of human capital.

Employees are primarily responsible for a company achieving its goals and that is why their satisfaction in the work environment is necessary, because each of these professionals deserves to be valued for their commitment and sweat.

Having this vision as a differential in the new People Management model, strategies for talent retention are established, as well as a reorganization of the workspace.

Among the strategies established and that present good results for high performance companies, we have:

- improving the organisational climate of the enterprise;

- reduction of staff turnover;

- Improving the relationship between professionals, who act more engaged and more proactively;

- Reduction of human resources costs.

A satisfactory experience for your employees, makes them feel valued and develop their activities with greater security and commitment. This allows a favorable income and with satisfactory results for the business, which is now seen as a true leader in the competitive market.

Benefits with the Employee Experience application

By applying a new business model from the recognition of the importance of its employees to the progress of business, many benefits are achieved.

Initially, the process of attracting new talent reduces staff turnover. In addition, the relationship of employees with company managers is reformulated, so that everyone can have a more open and transparent communication.

Still with these new strategies in management processes, there are significant transformations in the perception of the professional in relation to the company, in which he seeks to act with greater resourcefulness and responsibility.

In this sense, leaders act as an example in attitudes and behaviors, motivating their employees to conduct themselves more appropriately and committed to business objectives.

This process of action, based on teamwork, generates a greater strengthening of employer brand, contributing positively to the performance of strategic HR. It is from this strengthening that the business begins to be envisioned as a good work environment, thus becoming a reference where the respect and recognition by its employees prevails.

With this well-structured business profile, the company begins to attract the best professionals in the market and gain greater authority and visibility in its area of activity.

In addition, with the advancement of technology and the various possibilities of doing good business through digital media, an enterprise needs to relate to both its customers and employees, exactly the way it is selling this image

Structuring a cooperative team

To structure a cooperative team is to build a favorable work environment for the development of professional activities. For this, it is necessary to improve interpersonal relationships, in which managers are prepared to deal with the different profiles of workers, acting in a motivating and cooperative way.

These transformations are also visible in the HR sector of high-performance companies. These organizations start to use this strategy of renewal in personnel management processes, to take a better position of the company as a potential competitor.

From an efficient strategy and a well-developed planning that HR departments start to have their costs reduced, since the company retains talent, thus reducing the turnover process between employees

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