organizações enabled
organizações enabled

Organizations and the use of artificial intelligence.

Creating value for organizations around the world by using Artificial Intelligence Applications for Business is an important factor of competitive advantage in today’s evolving business landscape.

It all starts with the continuous process of identification, from contact with people who are directly or indirectly connected to the area of business operations, what are the use cases of AI in which value can be captured by the use of technology and algorithms to apply the intellectual capital of the organization in solving the type of problems that require specialized knowledge, where results can be improved with scalable AI quality.

Technology itself is not a source of value generation, this process only occurs when applied to solving a business problem.

Increasingly, the use of technology will require experienced entrepreneurs who can leverage their results with a better understanding of AI and their applications for better use of available resources in order to identify new opportunities, improve customer experience and improve business processes and KPIs with a focus on better quality and cost reduction at scale.

AI trading algorithms in the organization's value chain

Data is essential as inputs in collaborative processes, for generating ideas and prototyping new products and services in the experimentation cycles of organizations around the world, that use data as intangible assets in the organization’s value chain to achieve scalable results.

The greater the quantity, quality and diversity of data, the greater the number of examples of real experiences available and therefore more complex can be the tasks learned and performed by these algorithms, resulting in scalable quality gains, with enhanced mass customization/customization and value generation in the process.

The organization now acts as a data-driven platform enabled by AI models and algorithms, being an exponential way to scale operations and enhance business results.

Thus, the generation of value through data and AI algorithms, involves the process of continuous experimentation and a constant feedback loop, where the company becomes an "organization that learns", capable of continuous innovation in the form of actionable insights, their accumulated intellectual capital and collective knowledge.

Which in turn serves as a lever for generating value over time, reducing the time to value of the organization and making it more adaptable and responsive to the constant changes of the market, preparing it to deal with complex scenarios and anticipating opportunities not foreseen by the competition.

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