The advancement of TV with AI

Watching your favorite movie or show, in the comfort of your home, on your television is a convenience that has only improved over the years. When the internet came along, and later streaming services, the apocalyptic trend was to say that television was going to end. This story was not strengthened, because in today’s world, "nothing is lost, everything is transformed" and with TV was no different.

The first innovation and transformation of the device was the launch of Smart TV (smart TV), which have internet connection, which allows the user a deep immersion in the type of content they prefer on the platform (digital or analog) they want.

Thus, the streaming services that before could only be found on devices that had internet, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, also began to occupy the "old" but advanced television. Not only that, Youtube, which also captured much of the audience that was exclusive to the device, now integrated the TV catalog.

A survey conducted in 2024 showed that the number of Brazilians connected to the internet has grown from 66.3% of the population, which is equivalent to 144 million people active on social networks.

From 2021 to 2022, the percentage of households with pay TV ranged from 27.8% to 27.7%.

The trend is only increasing with the spread of smartTVs with artificial intelligence. The large screen and convenience produced by the device will only become more attractive.

An integrated apparatus

In 2018, at a technology event in Las Vegas, LG announced the "ThinQ" a television model with artificial intelligence that receives voice commands and also connects to Google Assistant. This device allows you to customize and better meet the wishes of the viewer. It allows you to easily find the programs you want to watch with voice command.

In addition, by having the ability to also connect to other household appliances, this device allows you to control in addition to the commands of the television itself, how to increase and lower volume, and also the convenience of doing everything without leaving the place. Just ask and (if the functions are synchronized to the TV), activate.

Sony is also investing in this type of technology, and sooner or later, its televisions will also have this capability. In the future, much of the world’s televisions will have artificial intelligence as their main product. Smart TV only connects the television set to the internet, while artificial intelligence does much more than that. It gives you incredible possibilities to have TV beyond entertainment.

This type of tool will be increasingly common in a future/present that increasingly improves your internet connection. 5G is already active in Brazil. This will make it easier to use and integrate the Brazilian market in this type of technology.

Personalized advertising and content

Advertisements will have a greater capacity for customization. All content presented to you will go through a filter of importance and will only be presented advertisements for products that you have interest.

Google already does this perfectly by checking which websites we visit and having access to mobile voice command. In this way, it places on websites only advertisements for products that we show interest in buying.

If artificial intelligence television is activated, this will become common also on television sets. Imagine: it will be like watching your favorite show and then, in the commercials, the advertisement for a product you’ve been looking for and searching for for days in an extremely affordable amount.

Before it was almost impossible to know the exact moment when your client stops watching a particular spot or advertising video (whether on TV or smartphones). The technology that solves this problem is the "Multi Channel Attribution Across Multiple Screens (MCA - AMS)", which means assigning multiple channels across multiple screens.

Marketers will be able to better distribute your product, using multiple channels simultaneously. You can replicate the same advertisement at the same time on all digital devices of your consumer, in addition to the TV, such as tablet, computer, mobile phone and others.

TV with AI interconnects all digital devices, which allows this tool to map the consumer’s journey and understand their behavior regarding certain advertising. In this way, the marketer will understand the impact of advertising stimulation on consumer behavior more accurately.

Not only that, with this kind of information, you turn your audience into people. They are no longer a number to be reached and become part of what is produced. Their choice and engagement becomes more visible and important in the production of content, not only for the internet, but also for television

Interacting with the TV

Most of the time, we watch entertainment programs or news and some or other information goes unnoticed, we have questions or curiosities about the content.

When this happens, we run to the smartphone and type the question in Google, either the name of the restaurant being quoted in a cooking show or the name of that actor of the novel that you can not remember who it is.

With an AI TV connected to the voice command, such as Google Assistant, you’ll be able to ask your television for information about the video or program you’re watching, as well as an actor, without needing the help of another device or search device. The same goes for game information, scoreboard, music and weather, for example.

You’ll be able to turn off your home devices connected to Google Assistent with just a voice command, increase the volume among other things. Imagine watching the masterchef and being able to order in an app the dish being prepared without moving from the sofa or clicking on some command to place the order.

TV as a company

Some believe that television will even be a faithful companion of those who feel alone, giving option to never turn off. It will be an intelligent robot and always available.

It is already thought of technologies that allow even 'off' it to continue working and capturing your needs. It can assist you whenever a question appears, as a personal monitoring, making a company to the user.

Whenever we say that a technology has been created that will replace the TV, we realize that the device is adapted to changes and becomes increasingly efficient, expanding business opportunity and allowing users greater freedom of customization and choice.

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Artificial intelligence television

Artificial intelligence  television
Artificial intelligence  television