Digital Transformation is only for large companies!

I begin by apologizing for FakeNews posted above, but this is a "reality" that I intend to break here in this text. Not that just reading this text will change your vision, but I hope he puts the flea behind your ear, because just as in 2000 they said that site was only for large companies, they say the same thing today about Digital Transformation. It’s been over 20 years since then and that phrase, from 2000, was just as untrue as the title above, but I did it to get your attention.

You must be tired of hearing that "the pandemic has streamlined digital processes in companies" right? But I’ll tell you one thing, this is another FakeNews. The market loves this, just like those companies that say they are focused on the consumer, where managers speak in English "Consumer center" in the middle of a 3-minute speech in Portuguese, for an audience of the same language. Speaking in English makes you smarter, however, that person’s company doesn’t even respond to comments on Instagram. Centered on who, really?

"The pandemic has accelerated..." lie. That’s an excellent speech, but in practice, everything that happens is more of the same. The customer says "I want to sell" and suppliers rush to upload a website, hire the fashion influencer (influencer to get more chic) burn the money on Google, make the cool post there on Facebook, replicate on Instagram and whatever God wants. If you talk about planning then, it almost offends someone’s mother...

Something has changed

In fact, the home office is a reality that does not seem to be something just to solve a problem that the pandemic caused. Zoom jumped from 20 to 300 million users per day in less than a month. Many businesses have already joined the home office. This seems to be a good change and let her pull others, please!

Managers have learned that people can work more, and happier, in their homes, with freedom to go to the office at alternative times, thus, flee traffic and can devote more to family, and this also brought a new way of seeing work, or to use a fashionable term, changed the "mindset" of managers.

The digital soul is coming

For the Digital Transformation to occur, it is necessary that the company has this soul, and then, we go deep into this article, where I say, that this soul needs to be in the company with 5 or 5 thousand employees. We have already begun to understand that Digital Transformation is not only for the big ones, after all, the big ones, one day were small.

Another point, Digital Transformation is not digital presence, that is, it is not having a website and Social Network. It goes far beyond that. Any small business can have these channels, but fully understanding the consumer and delivering an experience doesn’t always have to be huge.

While, in a famous bank, for you to pay your credit card, you need to have the money in the current account of that same bank, the digital ones, generate a code and make it possible with a click that you copy this code and paste it into any other application of any other bank for you to pay your bill. The option is the customer’s and not the company’s.

While a bank spends millions to say it’s the digital bank, any smaller bank has facial recognition to access your app, but that’s just speech.

The pizzeria on the corner of your house, can, in excel, have control of the orders you make, all week, and offer a discount, via WhatsApp, before you order the pizza. Sometimes, a Tuesday, you didn’t even want to eat pizza, but a 10% discount for that day matters, doesn’t it?

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